Here’s a little link love for my current Twitter list:

Brad Kellett
Corey Akula
Chris Carfi
Gabe Rivera
James Kendrick
Martin Gordon
Mathew Ingram
Miles Evenson
Randy Morin
Ric Hayman
Richard Querin
Rick Mahn
Steve Gillmor
Stowe Boyd
Susan Getgood
Warner Crocker

People I’d like to add
(If I knew their Twitter ID)

Chip Camden
Dave Wallace
Dwight Silverman
Earl Moore
Ethan Johnson
Frank Gruber
Fraser Kelton
Karl Martino
Mike Miller
Nick Carr
Seth Finkelstein
Steve Newson
Tom Morris
Tom Reynolds
Zoli Erdos

Removed per my Pink Floyd Policy:***

Dave Winer
Fred Wilson
Hugh Macleod
Robert Scoble
Steve Rubel

*** I still subscribe to all of these blogs and, with the exception of Scoble’s self-Trumanization, I enjoy them.  As I discussed the other day, I want my Twitter experience to be different from the larger blogosphere- I don’t want anyone talking to me unless I have the ability to talk back to them.

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