MediaMaster Rocks (Literally and Figuratively)

I’ve been playing around with MediaMaster the last few days. MediaMaster provides free storage space where you can store music files, which can be accessed from any internet connected computer. You can also create an internet radio station that plays your songs. You can add a library and radio widget to your webpage or blog. I’m not sure if I am going keep one here or not, at the moment it’s in the right column of my blog page (feed readers will have to visit my blog to see it).

Here’s my MediaMaster profile.

You can’t download the songs once you upload them, and the maximum streaming bitrate is 64 kbit/second, which may be considered too low for some folks. Personally, I think my music sounds fine at that rate. I also suspect higher bitrates may come with premium subscriptions that may one day be offered as an avenue to monetization.

They say there is no currrent storage limit. I am in the process of testing that, as I have a ton of (legal) music on my music server and I am uploading gobs of songs a day. So far, so good.

albums-744901I don’t particularly like MediaMaster’s album cover view via which you navigate your music library. I wish there was an option for a more Windows Media Player-like view. Your music library is searchable, which makes it easier to track down specific songs and albums. Still, I want more options for my library view.

I probably wouldn’t pay just to increase my streaming bitrate, but if MediaMaster could somehow legally combine what they’re doing now with a faster bitrate, a more sophisticated library interface and backup (meaning I could download my songs should I lose my music server and backup drive), I would happily pay for that.

Let me know what you think.

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