Morning Reading: 4/7/07

Dave Taylor tells you how to remove one of the scourges of many a computer.  I can’t express how much I dislike Norton anything, though I once tried to do so.

The 20 Greatest Historical Myths.

The world’s hardest sudoku.  A few weeks ago, I printed it out and gave it to a guy I work with who likes sudoku.  I told him it was in the medium level of difficulty.  He’s still working on it.

Thomas Hawk wrote a very thoughtful post on race and photography.  Now if someone would explain to me why churches, of all places, are not more integrated.  It makes me sad, on this Easter weekend, that there will not be more people of different colors celebrating together on Sunday.

Dwight Silverman has a nice summary of Goog-411.  I have been experimenting with it off and all day, and so far I’d have to say it is awesome.  You can connect to the number or just say “text message” and Google will text the name, address and telephone number to your phone.  Since my wife hasn’t used a phone book in years, maybe this will save me some money.

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