A Great CD Rediscovered

The other day, I was driving home listening to XM Radio.  I channel surfed over to one of the I Love Lucys (Fred or Ethyl or Lucy, I can’t remember which) and heard a wonderful song, from an almost perfect record, that I had forgotten all about (one of the sad by-products of the LP to 8-Track to cassette to CD to MP3 buy it all again scam).

It was Speedboat off of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions‘ first record.  Rattlesnakes, from 1984.  Speedboat is my favorite song on that record- and that’s saying something, as Rattlesnakes is an excellent record from the first song to the last.

A lot of the new bands I read about via Fred Wilson and others have a sound very similar to some of the post-punk alternative rock bands from the eighties.  I bought Rattlesnakes and have enjoyed rediscovering this gem.

Go buy it- preferably in CD or LP form.  You’ll be glad you did.

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