When I’m 64


I might be happy using a 64 bit OS.

But for now, I have punted.  I wiped my new laptop and installed a good ‘ol 32 bit version of Vista.

Now, I can pull my POP email (couldn’t before).

Now, I can access my office email with Outlook web access (couldn’t before).

Now, I can access my office via its portal (couldn’t before).

Now I can use Rhapsody (couldn’t before).

Now my built-in web cam sort of works (didn’t before).

Granted, I knew when I bought a 64 bit system that a lot of stuff wouldn’t work.  But I was surprised at how much didn’t work.

Maybe I’ll reinstall the 64 bit OS in a few months, if more applications are compatible.  In the meantime, I have happy to have my old, slow, insecure 32 bit OS that runs the applications I need.

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