Catching Up on the Reading List

I’ve been off the grid for a couple of months, working hard, resting a little and trying to figure out how important this blogging business is to me.  During this time I read a few books.  Here’s a quick take on each:

theroadCormac McCarthy – The Road: Anything that combines my favorite southern literature writer and science fiction has got to be good.  And it was.  My only complaint is that is wasn’t Stand-like in length as well as tone.

Tom Franklin – Smonk: I really liked Hell at the Breech, but this was too over the top for me.  I thought parts of it were amusing, but on the whole I was disappointed.

Michael Lewis – Blind Side: A buddy of mine gave me this book.  I hadn’t read any of Lewis’s books since Liar’s Poker.  It is a very good read.  I learned a lot about college football recruiting.  The part where Lou Saban and Phil Fulmer go to the kid’s house is worth the price all by itself.

William Gay – Twilight: I love all of Gay’s books, including this one.  It’s not quite on par with Provinces of Night, but average William Gay is still better than the best work of almost anyone else.

I’m looking for something new to read.  Recommendations appreciated via Comment.

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