Calling All Photographers

photoshopI have reluctantly concluded that in order to take my new passion for photography to the desired level, I am going to have to learn Photoshop.  I can’t adequately describe the dread inherent in that phrase.

About 8 or so years ago, I took a deep breath and bought Photoshop.  At the time, I found it to be about 65,000 times more complicated than I thought it needed to be.  I gave up and decided to learn Pascal, Latin and Chinese instead.  At the same time.  While jumping rope.  It was much easier.

But having seen so much of Thomas Hawk‘s great photography and having read a few tutorials on the various photography sites, I have to jump back into that great ball of confusion.

What are the best books to read to learn Photoshop?  Are there better ways to learn it?

I need something that is easy to follow, but comprehensive enough to allow me to know what can be done with photos, as well as how to do it.

Suggestions will be appreciated!

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