Road Gear


Brad Kellett has a post about the tech gear he takes on the road.  He asks Richard Querin and me about our travel gear.

Here’s Richard’s response.

Now that I am so into photography, it makes picking gadgets for a trip tougher than it used to be.  My current digital SLR is a lot bigger than my old point and shoot, plus I have to choose and pack additional lenses I might need.

Given all of that, here’s my current travel gadget list:

1) Blackberry 7130e.  This is my everyday cell phone and PDA- plus it serves as a wireless broadband modem.  This allows me to connect to the net from airports, hotels and even out of the way places like Bandera.

2) Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC.  I have an HP laptop at my office, but I travel with the X41.  It’s smaller and the tablet form allows me to use it more easily on planes.  It has a memory slot where I can stick a memory card full of MP3s to listen to on the plane.  It’s not a perfect laptop, but overall I am very happy with it.

3) Linksys WTR54GS Travel Router.  If I am going to stay somewhere for more than a night or so, I generally buy the in-room internet access and then set up my travel router so I can use my X41 wirelessly.  This little router kicks ass.  I highly recommend it.

4) Canon EOS 30D.  I love this camera.  It’s big, though and once you add a couple of lenses, a charger and an extra battery, you’ve got a load.

5) Extra Lenses.  Typically, I take a wide angle lens and a zoom lens in addition to my primary lens.  If I am driving, this is not a problem, but if I am flying, the lens threshold becomes a bit higher.

6) Tripod.  If I am driving, I take a tripod for my camera.  If I’m flying, I don’t.

7) Assorted Memory Cards, Adaptors, Cables and Headphones.  I usually take 1 6GB memory card and 2 1GB memory cards, some cables to connect my gear and a memory card adaptor that lets me move my photos to my X41.  I also carry a set of headphones (full size- not earbuds) so I can listen to MP3s or watch movies on my X41.

8) Garmin StreetPilot 2620.  If I am driving, this is my handy co-pilot.  I sometimes take it on planes if I plan to rent a car in a city I don’t know well.  I have been a little frustrated with Garmin, but once you get it set up, this device works really well.

That’s my travel gear.  What’s yours?

Hey JK, Dwight and Claus– what do my fellow Houstonians carry around?