Morning Reading: 10/17/06

DirecTV launches another satellite. Too bad it’s not for more national HD programming. I am starting to like DirecTV less than the cable companies.

Here are lots of old Apple II games online. (via John Dvorak)

Kevin Burton announces Tailrank 2.0.

Digital Photography School has some Halloween photography tips.

Gizmodo has a chart of what the earth would look like over time if all humans vanished.

Mark Evans doesn’t get the virtual world phenomena. I think Second Life is cool, but like everything else at the crossroads of business and the web, people keep trying to make it more than it is. A Reuters office and dedicated reporter in Second Life? Sounds like a momentum play at some new readers to me. I’ll be curious to see if it’s still there in a year.

Warner is right about the latest Walmart/Edelman fiasco. I called it on Sunday and, other than Tony Hung, no one responded (including Steve Rubel, even though I was one of the few not to get on the bash wagon). Why? Because Steve not knowing anything about it wasn’t as juicy as some great conspiracy.

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