Morning Reading: 10/15/06

Tony Hung on another Walmart, Edelman, sponsored blogging mashup.  Here’s his follow-up.  I don’t know what if anything Steve knew about all of this, but I can tell you from experience in working at a large organization that (a) he may have known nothing about it, (b) he likely had zero ability to control what senior management at his company did or didn’t do, and (c) no one should try to make him accountable just because he works there, because unless it was his idea, he is not.

Matt Craven on growing a blog.  He’s spot on when he says the key is to write a lot.  Some other bloggers will reciprocate when you link to them, other won’t.  My advice: stop trying to embrace the ones who don’t and pay more attention to the ones that do.  Bonus link: Google Blogoscoped on good blog writing style.

Hugh has captured the essence of blogging when you aren’t trying to make a living off of it.  Blogging is so much more fun when you aren’t sitting around hoping for a link from Scoble or Doc or Hugh or Kent.

I don’t like Google Reader either.  And I find the sharing feature (discussed here by Richard Querin) to be too dilutive of the blog and feed reading experience for me.  If you see a link you like, just link to it.  The 30 seconds it takes to link to it in a real post serves as a de facto filter to make sure people are sharing interesting content.

Charles Cooper on why he still loves Star Trek.  Me too.

Here’s how to carve an amazing jack-o-lantern.

Rick Mahn on the move to online applications and the home network.

Dwight Silverman on the Sony Reader.  This is the first post I have ever read that makes me the least bit interested in an e-book reader.  The company that puts one in a book-looking form will be the one that gets my money.  I read the DiVinci Code on a Tablet PC and it was OK, but I haven’t read a book that way since.

Extreme positions are scary to me, because there is no willingness to see the other side of the argument.  I am big on animal rights, but PETA is making all animal rights people look like idiots.  I’m going to go find a cockroach…and eat it.

I meant to write an entire post agreeing with Seth Godin’s excellent take on museums and marketing, but I never got around to it.  Museums are losing the mindshare of our kids because they feel too much like school and not enough like fun.  I say amen to this:

I can’t remember the last time a museum visit made my cry, made me sad or made me angry (except at the fact that they don’t try hard enough).

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