AOL Radio is Good

I hadn’t logged onto AOL in about 1000 years, but now that I’ve been sitting by my computer for about 60 straight hours waiting for Mike to answer my question, I’m pretty much down to the dregs of my internet destinations.

aolradioSo, I fired up AOL tonight while I waited for Mike to get finished drawing impossible sledding courses for Dave Winer (that is a cool game, by the way- especially when you realize that guy really is Dave).

I wandered over to AOL Radio and rooted around a bit.  AOL has some XM channels, which is redundant for me- since my car, my computer and my DirecTV already have it (I wish I could get Sirius free somewhere so I could listen to Channel 14- Classic Vinyl).

But I was surprised to find some stations on AOL Radio that I really liked.  Under the Rock channels there is a great psychedelic rock channel (Spirit’s New Dope in Town is playing right now), a southern rock channel, one with only rock covers, a Rolling Stones channel, and a one-hit wonders channel that is hit and miss, but worth a listen.

Under the Alternative channels there a pretty good 80s alternative channel.

Under Country, there is a good alternative country channel and an outlaw country channel that I liked.

I heard a few ads, but they seemed short and well spaced.

I don’t know if I’ll become a regular listener or not, but I might.  AOL Radio is definitely something to like about AOL at a time when AOL probably needs a little love.

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