Morning Reading: 9/22/06

Windows Media 11 will be DRM-crazy, with no way to back up your licenses.  This is one of the many reasons why I have never and will never buy DRM-infested music.

Here’s a page with lots of handy geometry links.

Dumb Little Man on Why Top Employees Quit.

TechCrunch has a post on the redesigned MeeVee site.  I have been using MeeVee a little.  The thing that kills MeeVee for me are those video and other ads that pop up when you click on a show for episode information.

Jeremiah Owyang reports that Paypal will soon offer online storage.

Beware the dangerous TIVO.  I don’t think I watch more TV since I’ve had TIVO, but I do watch different TV.

Zooomer has announced a new email feature.

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