Morning Reading: 9/17/06

Back in Bubble 1.0, there were a lot of hugely popular message boards (the Bubble 1.0 version of interactive blogs, etc.).  There were hugely popular boards on investing, politics, sports, etc.  For a while, we thought the sky was the limit.  Until users, moderators and third parties decided to replicate the boards and there was a gradual user-base dilution.  It was probably inevitable, but it spelled the end of the mega-boards.  Now the same thing is happening to Wikipedia.  I don’t know if this will have the same effect or not, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Frank Gruber’s Tech Cocktail is scheduled for October 12 in Chicago.

The Mu Life on the role of tags in social bookmarking.

I have never signed the back of my credit cards.  The Straight Dope says I was right.

Google has formed a political action committee to reach out and touch some politicians.  I hope they focus on network neutrality, and not their plan to gather all our data and use it to push ads in our faces.

The Washington Post on the much ado about nothing that is movie downloads.

My 8 year old has discovered the computer.  It’s something parents need to prepare for in advance.

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