Morning Reading: 9/14/06

If your computer is responding a little too fast and you want to slow it down a little, help is on the way. Symantec has announced its 2007 lineup of resource hogging applications.

Idiocy run amuck: PETA, who has done more to make normal people apathetic about animal rights than the NRA and the fur industry combined (and I am no fan of either), has bashed Steve Irwin in the days after his death. Meanwhile, someone has written a computer game called Terri Irwin’s Revenge. (via TDavid)

Gizmodo has an excellent review of the new Blackberry Pearl. I’ve used SureType a long time and it works perfectly once you get used to it.

Here are the top 10 cameras used to take photos on Flickr. Mine’s number 8, though 1 and 4 are close cousins.

Newly added to blogroll: Ed’s Tavern.

Podango is now in public beta. I don’t have time to be a station director, but I’d certainly consider adding my podcast to the music or tech slate.

X-Drive is live. If you have a (now free) AOL account, all you have to do is log in. You can configure it to allow drag and drop uploading via My Computer- just like a local hard drive.

When I was in high school, I had a buddy whose parents were really strict. So whenever we’d go to concerts (in Charlotte, a couple of hours away) and he was away from the controlling element, he would go wild– drinking, partying, etc. We called him the concert kid.

SimplyHeadlines.Com will turn your RSS feed into an email newspaper- thereby making what’s new, cool and unknown to most something old, not so cool, but understandable by your mom. It wouldn’t accept my feed, so it may be controlled by Hugh’s secret cartel.

TVSquad on the Monkees TV show.

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