Morning Reading: 9/11/06

5 years ago today I was speaking at a conference at the Omni Hotel in Houston.  Someone from the hotel walked up to the podium and handed me a note.  It said that I needed to come pick up my daughter, because they were evacuating the school. I excused myself and walked off stage and out into a world that was changed forever.  Doc blogged it, which I find a more compelling record than most of the news stories today.  This really demonstrates the archival beauty of blogging.

Earl Moore had some good additions to my conversational blogging post.  Note passing and cribbing are widespread problems and prime offenders of the conversational manifesto.

10 reasons to drink more water.  I gave up Snapple tea about 3 months ago for water.

I am starting to get very, very, very wary of Google.  At some point someone of importance at Google needs to come out and tell us Google isn’t trying to spy on us all the time in the name of profit and targeted ads.

Kinky Friedman, who will get my vote, has rightly backed off of his prior comments about deer hunting.  Having said that, he’s spot on when it comes to big game hunting.  The second to last fight I got into was over hunting lions and tigers and whatnot.  I won’t get invited to any more parties at that person’s house, but I made my point.

Amy Gahran has some thoughts on how movie theaters can remain relevant.  I like her ideas.  I also think movie theaters need to combine other forms of entertainment.  A theater that has a good, inexpensive restaurant next door and/or a fun bar for afterwards would likely draw more people.  I’d also like to see more smaller, neighborhood theaters, but sadly the time for those seems to have passed.  While I’m dreaming, I’d love to see some family-oriented drive-ins.

I’ve never seen any of the best movies you’ve never seen.

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