Morning Reading: 8/31/06

Thomas Hawk begins a living post about computer problems.  This is a good idea and it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only geek who gets whipped by his computer every now and then.  My personal burden is the power supply that is happy one moment and dead the next.  It’s especially fun when that happens on Friday night of a three-day weekend.  My solution- I have a spare power supply sitting in a box in my study.  In fact, at one point I had two spares.

I have longed for the union of Blackberry and Treo for so long that somehow this seems anticlimatic.  Why is this limited to the Treo 650?

 More RIAA foolishness: a suit against a woman who alleges she “has never even used, or even turned on, a computer.”

Rogers Cadenhead on a rumor that Warren Buffett got married. The Omaha World-Herald confirms.

This won’t be of interest to many, but it will be beloved by a few.  I came across a fantastic series (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) last night on the Nashville Rock Scene, post 1978.  People outside of Tennessee don’t realize it, but Nashville has a tremendous rock scene.  Of the bands mentioned, I watched Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, the Dusters, Raging Fire (the talented and delightful Melora Zaner worked for Microsoft last I heard), the White Animals, Web Wilder, and John Jackson and the Rhythm Rockers.  Others I would have mentioned include Dave Olney and John Scott Sherrill.  Wasn’t there also a band called the Shades that played at the Villager a lot?

Dave Winer posts on Foo Camp.  If people were really interested in effecting positive change, the blogosphere would get together and boycott invitiation-only throwbacks like Foo Camp.

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