Morning Reading: 8/30/06

Fred Wilson on Spiral Frog: “I actually don’t want free music, I want to pay for music without copy protection on it.”  Marshall Kirkpatrick‘s take: ” SpiralFrog will offer free downloads wrapped in a still undisclosed form of digital rights management technology. How tired.”   Amen brothers.

Finally, a thesis (and prize-winning at that) someone might actually read. (via John Dvorak)

From the Perky Little Article Department: 20 things you don’t know about death.

Here’s the 2006 Ultimate Developer and Power User Computers Utilities list.

URL Investigator looks like a pretty cool service.  Page ranks, whois, link counts and more.

LibraryThing– catalog your books online.

Zoli Erdos on the Wikipedia Enterprise 2.0 debate.

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