Morning Reading: 8/26/06

Steve Rubel likes Original Signal, an aggregator of the 15 most popular Web 2.0 blogs.  I prefer Techmeme where the coverage is broader and more inclusive.

Mashable has an interesting and comprehensive history of Facebook.  We didn’t have computers, much less the internet, when I was in college, so I know nothing about Facebook other than what I’ve read, but I like the fact that Facebook is limited to students.

Dave Winer responds to the recent river of news criticism.  I like the last part, where he talks about working with Josh Bancroft.  I hope he does.  Meanwhile Scoble gushes over Dave, compares him to Douglas Engelbart and apologizes on behalf of all of us for doubting him.  Wow, even The Commander and Jetstream never had Hero Support like that.

Christopher Carfi has a great series about getting found in the long tail.  Read the whole series, because it is good stuff.

When I hit 60 I hope I don’t start having stupid ideas like this.

I told you the real world doesn’t view the internet through tech colored glasses.

Karl Martino on influence in the blogosphere.

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