Morning Reading: 8/22/06

I’ve been waiting for podcast tours of museums, historical places and cities to become more mainstream.  It just seems like a great use for podcasts.  Now all we need is a central place to put them.  Hey Jimmy, doesn’t this sound like a natural addition to Wikipedia?

Believe it or not, I was wondering last week whether anyone ever survived a parachute jump when their parachute didn’t open.  This guy got up like Wylie Coyote, shook himself off and walked away.

Something about this just seems wrong to me.  Let’s play ad-infested music for people we think can’t afford better….

Stupid shit like this makes me glad I’m a Methodist, but it still makes us all look like idiots.  Tim LeBouf (here’s his blog) should count his blessings that I am not a member of his congregation.  I would stand up during a so-called sermon about women learning in quietness and submission and expose it for the horse manure it is.  This really pisses me off, in case you can’t tell.

Does anyone really care about Paris Hilton, other than for the ridicule value? 

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