Morning Reading: 8/21/06

In the I Almost Wish I Were Italian or Catholic Department: Working too hard, even for those leading the Catholic Church, is bad for the spirit, Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday as he greeted tourists at his summer residence outside Rome.  In other news, Americans are cutting back their vacations.

Who’s Your Mommy: Polygamist’s children rally for their families.  “Speakers said that with ‘dozens of siblings’ and multiple ‘moms’ they are well supported, encouraged to be educated and can make their own choices about marriage.”  Do bad ones count?

Instabloke has 10 reasons why he doesn’t like your blog.  Really good advice for bloggers new and old. (via Darren Rowse)

I was wrong when I thought arguing about what is or is not a planet would be the height of boredom.  That would be arguing over what it or is not a blog.  The confusion results from the fact that the term blog is used to describe both a content management platform and a particular type of content.  People can use a blog platform to create non-blog content.  Is that a blog?  Who cares.

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