Steve Newson on Writely vs Live Writer

Steve has a post on the merits of Writely and Live Writer as blogging tools.  This is an interesting topic that I hope he will pursue.

As he points out, Writely is more than just a blogging tool, and it is web based, which allows you to access your documents from anywhere, while Live Writer is more targeted and, at this point, the better platform for blogging.

Wouldn’t it be cool if somehow Live Writer allowed you to synchronize your drafts and settings across multiple computers.  Google has its browser synch, which I uninstalled after it caused me to inadvertently lose all of my bookmarks, so it’s not out of the question that the ever-competitive Microsoft would create a competing application.

In fact, part of the technology is already here, with Microsoft’s FolderShare– an application that I love, but that Microsoft must not, because it doesn’t seem to be marketing it very actively.  I have suggested other ways to use FolderShare, but so far Microsoft hasn’t jumped on my great ideas.  If anyone at Microsoft was awake, they’d be accurately touting FolderShare as the application that makes Writely unnecessary.

What do you say, J.J?  Is cross computer functionality a possibility for Live Writer?

And by the way, my Bloglines update work around seem to be working.

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