Stowe Boyd Gets Joe Jobbed

Say that five times fast.

It looks like Stowe got joe jobbed, just like I did about a month ago.

The stupid things that some people do never ceases to amaze.

Joe jobs, while potentially targeted and vindictive, arise out of the sleazy spam community.  Which makes them another example of the rest of us subsidizing the idiot tax for those complete morons who must actually respond to spam by throwing their money at the fake degrees, penny stocks and other get poor schemes that spammers toss at them.

Spam is a problem perpetuated by the collective stupidity.

I can tell you from recent experience that what Stowe is going through is a royal pain in the ass.  Even if they don’t shut down your account, the sheer magnitude of the incoming bounces makes it very hard to find any legitimate email.

And there will be the lingering bounce updates from the little email server that can’t (give up) to look forward to as well.