Morning Reading: 8/19/06

Scott Karp: “If Google is the new Microsoft, that’s actually great news. Why? Because Micrsosoft is the old Micrsosoft, and they are now chasing Google, which demonstrates the precariousness of market leadership. And the cycle is speeding up.”

Another reason why you might want to forego the nickel or so per 1000 impressions you might make via AdSense.  Yes, I added AdSense here a month ago, but only in preparation for a story and the whole $5 bill will be given to a bum, if I ever get it.  While you’re at it, you might want to forego Movieland for the same reason.

In the “what did you expect him to say” department, Michael Dell thinks Dell’s troubles, including plunging earnings and exploding laptops, are short-term setbacks.  DISCLAIMER: I am a Dell shareholder (not that I am particularly excited about that at the moment).

You think arguing about gatekeeping in the blogosphere is a snooze-fest, be glad you aren’t an astronomy blogger arguing about the precise definition of a planet.  Isn’t that sort of like auto bloggers arguing about the precise definition of a car?

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