Morning Reading: 8/18/06

Kevin Brown used to throw heat, now he carries it.

Lost a manual for your TV, camcorder, etc.?  UsersManualGuide.Com probably has it. 

My Sirius lust (particularly for channel 14) keeps growing, this time courtesy of the Sirius Conductor, a small Sirius tuner, indoor/outdoor antenna, and remote control with a 3 line LCD readout that shows channel, artist and song.

AOL continues giving itself away, this time with free personal email domains.  The AOL announcement is here.

TIVO is going down at the hands of DirecTV’s abandonment, but, by golly, it’s making a valiant effort to take Dish Network with it.  The big winners in all this are the cable companies.

Fred Wilson picks Pretzel Logic as his music nugget for this week.  Fine choice.  Steely Dan’s music has aged better than any other rock band, excepting perhaps the Stones.  When a record from the 70’s sounds like it could have been released last week, you know that band has captured the magic.  Steely Dan had a patent on the magic from Can’t Buy a Thrill through The Royal Scam. That’s 5 masterpieces in 5 years.

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