Morning Reading: 8/17/06

Franco is still dead and Ed Bott still loves Microsoft.  Here’s his latest write up on Live Writer.  I really like Live Writer too, but we need more plugins.

John Koetsler has the best write up yet on the feudal or futile, depending on your point of view, blogosphere.

Mark Evans isn’t drinking the Google Talk kool-aid.  Neither is Ben Metcalfe.  Sounds like feature bloat in search of traction.

Darren gives a lesson on photographing moving targets.  His photo blog, along with Photojojo and Richard Querin‘s series, are my favorite photography how-to blogs.

Tom Reynolds reports on his holiday: “A week without an internet connection is both liberating and leaves me thinking that I’m missing an arm. It’s tough to not have the wisdom of mankind at my fingertips.”

Today would have been my good dog Virgil’s 13th birthday.  He was a good boy.


Baldur Bjarnason doesn’t think Kiko is worth $50 large.  Maybe not, but what Web 2.0 company is worth the numbers people toss around?

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