Google's Latest Ad Play

I am beginning to think that Google’s business plan is to troll the blogosphere, read about something nifty that someone else is already doing, copy it and hope someone with an actual product to sell will by an ad on it. I guess the fact that approach worked out so well for search has imbedded it in Google’s corporate brain.

That, or this is the lamest attempt yet to attract users to Google Talk.

C|Net reports that Google is now offering to track the music you listen to on your computer and display it for all the world to see. Excuse me, but and probably scads of other services do that already. Want to be anonymous, then sign up at under the user name Antigone Tellya.

Google calls this service Google Music Trends. What’s next, Google Potty Trends (surely Charmin would advertise)? I bet Sealy Posturpedic is anxiously awaiting Google Sleeping Trends.

Of course in order to use this latest head scratcher, you have to install Google Talk. And taking a page from the Real Network book, opting in to the Google Music Trends setting on Google Talk automatically enables Google Personalized Search.

C|Net nails the true purpose behind this new service:

“One can only imagine that this new tracking would be extremely helpful to advertisers, which can target the latest CD to the people who are listening to that artist’s other work.”

One thing I’ll say about Google- it is consistent.