3 Nifty Live Writer Plugins

The hopeful stream of plugins for Live Writer has begun to flow, with three so far (that I have found).

The first is called Flickr4Writer, and as its name implies, it helps you insert Flickr photos into your post.

Clouds at Sunset

It allows you to search by user name (i.e., your own, to browse your photos) or by tag. Inserting this photo was quick and simple.

The second is called Tag4Writer, and it is the answer to my request last night for a Technorati tag maker. It has presets for Technorati, Delicious, Flickr, IceRocket Buzznet, 43 Things and LiveJournal, plus a Custom setting where you can customize a tag or make a preset for another service. I made the tag below with it. Very easy, though I wish the + did not appear in the text.

The third is called Currently Listening, and inserts the name of the song you are listening to in your post. Because it only supports Windows Media Player and iTunes and I use the massively under-appreciated J. River Media Center, I have not tried it yet. As soon as it supports Media Center (or perhaps Last.fm‘s Audioscrobbler, which would also work), I’ll give it a whirl. Even if I can’t use it yet, it is a neat idea.

24 hours later, Live Writer is significantly better than it was when released. As more and more plugins get developed, I predict it will become the standard for blog editing and management.