Windows Live Writer

livewriterDwight Silverman raves about the public beta of Microsoft’s new blog editor, Windows Live Writer.  Ed Bott does too.

Ed points out that the guy behind Live Writer is J. J. Allaire, founder of Allaire Corp., which developed web site editors ColdFusion and HomeSite.  Those were good programs, so that bodes well for Live Writer.

I’m writing this post with Live Writer and although the proof is in how it will look once I publish it- so far it looks really nifty.

I need to test an image insert, so here’s another photo from our recent trip to the Frio River.

And I need to test the maps, so here’s a map of Concan, Texas.  You can see the Frio River running north to south.


Two Features I Really, Really Want

Here are two features I want (paging J.J.)- a way to upload an image to and insert it into a blog post with one click.  Now that would be righteous.  Also a plug-in for making Technorati tags is a must.

As many of you know, I host my own blog and related content, but use blogger to create and publish posts.  While I have long wanted to move to WordPress, only to be stopped in my tracks by URL handling problems, Blogger is not a bad platform at all- at least when you use it the way I do.

One thing that I don’t like about Blogger, however, is its 18th century looking spell checker.  A more robust spell checker alone might be enough to get me to adopt Live Writer (why do I think Day Tripper every time I type that?).

UPDATE: After I temporarily disabled Zone Alarm so the program could communicate with my server in order to upload photos, it works really well.  Give me the two features described above and I’m sold.