Delicious: Good Traffic, But Show Me the Money


Hitwise reports that the reports of Delicious‘s death at the hands of an apparently apathetic Yahoo were at least somewhat exaggerated. It seems that Delicious’s traffic has doubled since it was assimilated by Yahoo in December 2005.

That’s pretty impressive since it appeared from the outside like Yahoo forgot all about Delicious after it swallowed it. I am a moderate Delicious user, and I think it is by far the best bookmarking site out there- mostly because it doesn’t try to overwhelm you with unnecessary features. It follows my business rule no. 1 by doing one thing better then anyone else. Too many companies these days try to do everything and become average in the process.

While the traffic numbers are impressive, as Steve Rubel points out, Delicious, like almost all of Web 2.0, is still mostly populated by geeks. But the income demographics that trend towards the high end show that Delicious has valuable eyeballs.

But I have to ask the same question I always ask in this case- how does Delicious intend to turn these eyeballs into cash?

And I also wonder if the traffic numbers would be even better if Yahoo actually marketed Delicious.