YouTube Wins Again

youtubeFresh from its win over MySpace in my Web 2.0 Wars championship, YouTube turns around and puts it to MySpace again with word that it has passed MySpace in the internet eyeball race, racking up a 3.9% share of internet visits compared to 3.35% for MySpace.

The GU sums it up nicely in a quote from some undoubtedly qualified guy from an almost assuredly important company (that is my tip of the hat to the gesture crowd, who can’t respond to my earlier debunking because (a) there is no valid response and (b) they would be admitting that they follow links if they did so, since they weren’t born with innate knowledge of my post any more that their readers were born with innate knowledge of their URLs):

“YouTube has a far more universal appeal, being pure entertainment with a global appeal.”

Amen, and congratulations to YouTube.