Links & Comments: Another Badly Needed Application

I’ve already provided one roadmap to riches via my killer podcast application post.

But if you want to start on a slightly smaller scale, here’s another one.

Someone needs to build a cross platform, highly configurable online application that will pull recent inbound links from Technorati and Google blog search, weed out duplicates AND allow the user to select which ones appear in a list that can be easily added to a blog or other web page. It would be a centrally administered and more feature rich version of the list I manage this way. You could also do the same thing for a list of recent inbound comments (pulling the comments directly from the blog- not via a central location like coComment), and allow both lists to be administered from a single web page.

Why you say? Two reasons: spam and demand.

Almost every post of mine gets picked up by at least one spam blog and often 2-3 of them. Contrary to what Scott Karp says, Technorati is doing a ton better at weeding out spam links and keeping accurate link counts, but it is a full scale war, fought every day. Spam is like roaches, there is no way to keep them all out, and so you still have to rely partially on a kill them when you see them approach. That’s why Scott’s, mine and undoubtedly a ton of people’s link counts go up and down like the cast of the Gillmor Gang.

If I am having this problem, I am sure a lot of others are too. A quick survey of some other reasonably popular blogs confirms this.

If there was a way to validate the inbound links that show up in that list, sort of like you can do now with comments and trackbacks, it would allow people to weed out those links before they show up. And it would take away some of the incentive to spam.

People would flock to this program, and people would happily pay a few bucks a month for it. Look at all the great work done at Freshblog and other places trying to find a way to do things like this within the confines of various platform limitations. Give us one stop shopping, and we will give you money.

I’ll type my fingers off about it here, as would hordes of other appreciative bloggers.

Those of you lucky enough to be on WordPress may rightfully say that there are plugins that already do this for you, but there are plenty of people like me who are stuck in Hotel Blogger and elsewhere who would use it. Plus, we’re all about cross-platform, right? So if you build it well, we will come. From Blogger and from WordPress. From all over.

What are you waiting for. Go build it and I’ll get ready to send you my subscription fee every month.