Taking a Stand

Mike Arrington does a good and just thing.

I’ve said before that blogs are like cars- they bring out the inner asshole in some folks. It’s nice to see an A-List blogger like Mike roll down the window and confront the finger waiver in a public forum.

Nick Carr posts his side of the story on his blog.

I have said this about Nick Carr recently on this blog:

“And then there are the pseudo-intellectuals like Andrew Keen (who is the blogosphere’s version of the party guest who can’t stop talking about how smart he is long enough to notice the PhD’s shaking their heads as they walk away). Or the Nick Carr types whose many thoughtful posts get lost in the flood of Mary, Mary posts made in the name of fame or traffic.”

And the other day I agreed with Nick’s Dell post and added my own thoughts.

So while I disagree with some of Nick’s tactics, I also appreciate much of his writing.

In sum, I think Nick is a smart and often thoughtful guy. But he’s no smarter than a lot of other bloggers who don’t have to put on the Andrew Keen act.

So here’s my advice to Nick. When you come to the crossroads of being like Andrew and being like Mike- be like Mike.

Of course Nick will never see this post because I suspect he feels I am not intellectually worthy of his time. It’s easy to act that way from the safety of a car…I mean a keyboard.