AOL Retention Policy Uncovered

As I predicted the other day when the Vincent Ferrari (not to be confused with Vincent Vega) story was all over the blogosphere, the zealous AOL rep who really, really, really didn’t want Vincent to cancel his AOL subscription was simply doing what AOL’s retention manual required.

Some juicy excerpts from Consumerist, the site that unearthed AOL’s retention manual (see the Consumerist post for more excerpts and discussion):

“Allow your callers to talk comfortably about their concerns…watch their concerns and resistance drop.”

“The reason that many Members are going to high speed is, because the actual internet connection is much more stable….we now have the perfect solution…a free modem.”

“Consumers believe everything is a commodity, i.e. where can I buy the service for the least cost. My objective as a salesperson is to prove otherwise.

The retention policy talks about “redirecting the Member if necessary” by restatement and questions.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about AOL’s retention policy, but it does show that this was more than simply the work of a rogue customer rep.