Seth Finkelstein Says No Thanks

Seth Finkelstein says he does not want a Wikipedia entry.

Which is probably a good indicator that he is entitled to one. In this day and age when so many people are trying everything to get a Wikipedia entry- from ghost writing for a friend to actually writing their own entry, Seth says no thanks.

I missed all of the debate about Seth’s entry- which is a good thing for him because I’m afraid I would have been on the other side of the argument. But then, as I have made clear in more than a few recent post, I am a Wikipedia believer.

I have also read Seth’s blog since the first day I entered the blogosphere and he is a frequent Commenter here. I have always been amazed, and a little envious, of his ability to stay focused and on point. His blog posts and Comments are among my favorite reading.

More importantly, he is one of the most effective watchdogs and critics of censorware. As pointed out in the very Wikipedia entry he doesn’t want, he received the EFF Pioneer Award for his contributions “to decrypt and expose to public scrutiny the secret contents of the most popular censorware blacklists“. As Newsome.Org is blocked by some censorware applications, I have personal experience with being censored.

If Seth wants out, at the end of the day I would support him as a friend. But when it comes to notable and worthy of inclusion, he is clearly on the in side and not the out side.