Planes, Trains and Medical Bills

While the braintrust at Google fight over their Boing 767 “party plane,” Mathew Ingram brings us news of Google’s latest vision by proxy.

Unable come up with enough “me too” applications and ad-based business ventures here in Bubble 2.0, it seems that Google has plucked a gem from Bubble 1.0 and plans to team up with WebMD (while it seems such, apparently this is not a joke) and do some sort of a healthcare medical records storage and organization service. Maybe Exodus and JDS Uniphase can get in on this deal?

I bet DrKoop.Com is really jealous.

Trying to drag myself out of the surreal haze that this news has spawned, I think Matthew hit one of the many available nails on the head when he says:

“[A]re consumers prepared to have a Web giant like Google track and maintain their entire health records? I think health information and tax data are the two hotspots for many people, and it’s a bit of a stretch to think that they would want to send all that over the Web just because Google says it’s going to add value to it somehow.”

There’s that, and the fact that this little venture is almost certainly going to generate any revenue solely from ads.

Sometimes I think my RSS feeds are controlled by the producers of The Joe Schmo Show, and I’m the new schmo. In the words of Matt Kennedy Gould (and Marvin Gaye), what’s going on?