Steve Gillmor’s Self Fulfilling Prophecy

troll-766659Steve Gillmor can’t even go two sentences without insulting those who dare to disagree with him:

“Note: trolls should already be moving down to the comment section or, more wisely, clicking off to less elitest and more page-view oriented material elsewhere on the Net.”

Of course, Steve won’t engage anyone, other then his hand picked worthies, in any sort of discussion about the various topics he whines and cries about. He seems content to write about his little cadre of pals and continually call the unworthies who have different opinions “trolls.”

Here’s a good way to build trolls: toss out new and occasionally radical ideas, refuse to engage anyone outside the fanclub in anything resembling a discussion and the call those who express their disagreement names. Ask for trolls and trolls you shall get.

Dave Winer had this to say. I’m sure Dave and Steve are pals and I expect Dave is just busting his chops. But truth lies beneath many a jest.

The difference between Steve and Dave is that if Dave thinks you’re wrong, he’ll engage you and tell you why. That’s all a conversationalist can ask.