Top 100 Best Products of the Year

I love lists and PC World keeps bringing them. The latest is their list of the 100 Best Products of the Year.

Here are some notes for each grouping of 10.


Lots of dual core chips, which I haven’t used. Craigslist, the newspaper killer, is a well deserved number 3. Google Earth seems a little high at 6. Mine and Doc‘s new camera comes in at number 8. YouTube is 9, which sounds about right.


Photoshop Elements
is too high at 11. Give me a program that edits like Paint Shop Pro and organizes like ACDSee 8 and I’ll be so happy. Firefox is 12, but that seems too low. Google is 17.


Photoshop CS2 is number 22, proving that somebody at PC World has the Adobe love and a fat wallet. The new Yahoo mail (still in beta) is about right at 30.


TIVO, my dying on the vine favorite, is 31, which would have been too low two years ago and is too high today. Blogger gets some AOL-like bring the masses to the party love at 33. The Thinkpad X60 (I like the tablet model) is also about right at 37.


Opera, which is the new Firefox, is number 48. Vonage, which is to IPOs as Brittany Spears is to parenting, rolls in at a generous 50.


Scads of devoted fans will rejoice at seeing StumbleUpon at 51.


Rhapsody, which would be fine if not owned by Real Networks comes in at a DRM infested, must telephone to cancel, never again for me number 69. I know zip about any of the others in this group.


Flickr comes in at a far, far too low 78. It should be way higher. Likewise, Nero should be teens higher than 79.


Other than the Xbox, which I’ve never used, and EvDO, which I use all the time, I haven’t heard of anything in this group.

91-100 squeaks in at 93. Because most people have never heard of it, that’s probably about right. If the list was blogosphere-oriented, it would be in the top 10 for sure. WordPress (95), Greasemonkey (98) and FeedDemon (99) demonstrate a desire to appease the tech savvy with some toss-ins at the end.

Outside Looking In

Where is Digg, Techmeme and Technorati? For that matter, where’s MySpace?

No Treos, no blackberry devices?

No Feedburner or Odeo or Audacity? No Skype?