PC World’s Worst Tech Products of All Time

PC World has an article ranking the worst tech products of all time.

Here are my thoughts about the ones I used.

15. Iomega Zip Drive

My intense dislike for zip drives has been well documented. 15 is too low. I’d rank zip drives a strong number 2.

13. IBM PCjr

I didn’t have a PCjr, but I had one of its many clones. I used that computer from 1986 to 1990 and it served me well.

12. Pointcast

I actually think the Pointcast screensaver back then was better than anything similar we have today. It was push technology a little before its time.

4. Windows ME

I thought ME was pretty awful as an upgrade, but I didn’t have the massive problems with it that others experienced.

5. Sony BMG Music CDs

Sony did a stupid thing and got rightly trashed for it.

2. RealNetworks RealPlayer

This is my least favorite software of all time. 2 is too low- it should be number one by a mile. Bloatware that is hard to get rid of. It’s better to never install it.

1. AOL

This is a choice engineered to gain approval by the technical elite. AOL has lots of problems, but it has also helped bring millions upon millions of people to the internet. AOL is the bunny slope of the internet ski mountain. I don’t use it, but I recognize its value, particularly historically, to lots of people.