Non-Linking: It's Not About Reputation, It's About Ego

Richard Querin makes an excellent rebuttal to Steve Gillmor’s non-linking mania.

Sadly, all of Richard’s logic and common sense will be for naught, since the whole non-linking business is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt on the part of Steve and a couple of his pals to separate themselves from the blogging community by declaring that they are blogo-stars and don’t need to be bothered with interacting with the rest of us. The reason Steve writes in indecipherable paragraphs is because if he said it in a way that people could actually understand, he would be laughed out of the room. By using big words and long sentences, he can pretend that if we were smart enough to understand him, we’d all fall in line.

On the last Gillmor Gang podcast I will ever listen to Steve actually said that he goes out of his way not to use significant content and ideas from other bloggers in his posts so he won’t have to link to them.

This cat thinks he’s special. And that’s fine. Go be special, but do it over there where I can’t see you. Because if I can see you, I will feel compelled to try to get you to see things logically and realize that these are blogs were are talking about here- not some secret path to fame and fortune.

Not engaging in the cross blog communication, which occurs via linking, is completely inconsistent with the purpose and beauty of blogging. It’s like turning the web back to 1995 when everyone had their little self-contained Geocities web page. It’s backwards thinking pretending to be forward thinking.

But blogo-stars don’t listen. Listening is for the rest of us.