Top 10, Web 2.0 Style

Here’s the Web 2.0 Developer’s version of Guy Kawasaki’s Top 10.

top101. We can get Mike Arrington to favorably review our product.

2. If we can finish the under construction page on our website, we’ll get listed in Catagioriz.

3. We can hire Stowe Boyd to be our walking billboard.

4. We’re confident that our product will make lots of money somehow, even though it’s free.

5. Assuming that each user only tells three additional people, we will have an installed base of five million non-paying users by the end of the first year.

6. Google is really excited about placing Adsense ads with us.

7. Conservatively, the total available online advertising available for our website is $50 billion.

8. Even if it’s not $50 billion, we will have sold ourselves to Google or Yahoo by the time the advertising dries up.

9. Robert Scoble really loves what we’re doing and as soon as he gets back from this week’s blogging haitus, he’ll give us many links.

10. Our product is better than the other hundred or so free products that do substantially the same thing.

and, last, but not least

11. Our product is not dependent on online advertising revenue for most of its revenue, it just looks that way.