All Aboard the Bubble Train

With every new funding of the latest high school science project turned business, more and more people start talking about Bubble 2.0.

I have been talking about it for a while, as have Steve Rubel and others.

Today, Mark Evans jumps onboard the bubble train:

The signs of doom are increasingly evident – VCs are scrambling to get a stake in start-ups with limited track records; valuations in the M&A market are climbing, and 20-something entrepreneurs are being seen as cool and credible again.

As I have said so many times before, these folks aren’t doing the start-up thing as a hobby any more once serious money gets involved. No, they are trying to make a lot of money.

Money that is sitting in our pocketbooks, mutual funds and brokerage accounts.

Mark cites a San Francisco Chronicle story as a sign that it’s time to head for the hills. More and more use of the term IPO means it’s time to take our money with us.