Camp Newsome

What a fun and busy weekend.

On Friday night, Cassidy’s entire Brownie Troop camped out in our yard. We had 15 Brownies, 6 Girl Scout helpers and 6 moms. The girls played games, sang songs, had a scavenger hunt and had a grand time.

Delaney and I went to the Astros exhibition game on Friday night with the Veldman boys (the girls were at the campout). Delaney loves the Astros, and it was a great chance for us to spend some Delaney/Daddy time.

On Saturday, Cassidy had a sleepover with a friend in Sugar Land, and today we had a cookout and soccer game with the Clarks. The girls (Cassidy, Delaney, Evie, Raina and Yvette) beat the boys (me, Greg and Aidan) 10-5. Afterwards the kids swam and had some blueberry pie for dessert.

Luke is too little to play soccer, but he did get in the pool for the first time today.

Big fun meant little blogging.

Work resumes tomorrow. Regular blogging resumes tomorrow night.