Jukebox, Annotated

You know the drill. Open up your jukebox of choice, point the shuffle feature to your entire library of songs and list, without exception, the first 10 or so songs that play. I like to add a little commentary about some of the artists, songs, albums, etc.

The Heart of Saturday Night – Tom Waits (The Heart of Saturday Night) (1)

Everything’s Gone – The Mertons (Girandole) (2)

Hunting High and Low – A-Ha (Hunting High and Low) (3)

Green Apple Quick Step – The Byrds (Byrdmaniax) (4)

Honky Tonk Baby – Highway 101 (Bing Bang Boom) (5)

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water – Johnnie Taylor (Who’s Making Love) (6)

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World – James Brown (Star Time) (7)

Southern Loving – Jim Ed Brown (The Essential) (8)

Old Joe – Guess Who (Canned Wheat) (9)

Sweet Thing – David Bowie (Diamond Dogs) (10)

(1) My pal G-Man and I went through a phase where we listed to nothing but Tom Waits. This is a great song from a great record.

(2) This record has come up before. Great driving alternative country. A must-buy for alt. country fans.

(3) People sometimes sell the 80’s short musically, and that’s a mistake. The alternative rock, particularly coming out of the UK, back then was pretty amazing. Beautiful song.

(4) An often overlooked Byrds record from 1971. This is a good an instrumental romp as you’re going to find.

(5) This is the lesser version of the once great band, after the wonderful Paulette Carlson left. Good workman like country music, but not a good as the prior records.

(6) A fine song from a great record by the seond best soul singer ever. Yes, ever.

(7) A fine song from a box set by the best soul singer ever. Yes, ever. I make my kids listen to The Godfather at least once a month. They have to appreciate.

(8) Normally I just play Pop a Top over and over, but this is another good song by a country legend.

(9) The Guess Who made some fantastic records, including this gem from 1969. You’ve heard their hits, but their records have a ton of great songs you’ve never heard. One of my favorite all-time bands.

(10) By far the best David Bowie record. I love this song and I love this record. It’s a masterpiece. Haunting. Rent 1984, put it on the DVD and mute it, put this record on.

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