Mark Cuban's Crack and Back Approach to DRM

Mark Cuban posts today about the DRM Evolution, that may lead hardware producers to keep changing the playback devices to match the evolving DRM requirements. Down the road, content you legally own may not play back on hardware you legally own because of incompatibilities with the then current DRM protocols.

The record label cartel’s answer, of course, would be to go buy another copy of the same song you have already bought on LP, 8-track, cassette, CD and MP3.

Mark’s answer is to crack stuff you own and keep a DRM-free back up copy.

It’s hard for a guy from Houston to give too much love to a dude from Dallas, but damn I love that guy.

I’ve said many times that I have not and will not buy music that is infested with DRM. If I accidentally did, I would absolutely crack it and and make a back-up copy.