Web 2.0 Wars: Round 16

It’s time for Round 16 in Newsome.Org’s Web 2.0 Wars. The contestants and rules are here.

This is the final heat of the first Round. The playoffs will be next.

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Here are the contestants for Round 16:


Vizu lets you create and share polls, both on the Vizu site, via RSS feeds or on your blog or website. I like it, but not as much as Dpoll.

Digg is a wildly popular, user driven site that allows users to link to and vote on internet blog posts and news stories. It has huge mindshare and I greatly admire the technology, but I’ve found that I don’t always like finding my content in an American Idol fashion.

Del.icio.us is a very popular social bookmark manager. I use it all the time.

Omnidrive is an online storage and backup service. The good, it’s based in Australia. The bad, it’s been in invitation only beta forever.

AlmondRocks says its the fastest blog reader in the world. It wasn’t as slow as some of the ones I’ve tried, but it wasn’t greased lightning either.

Tagyu is some sort of tagging serive. I put newsome.org in the text box and it came back with mycomments, feedlounge and inbound. Two of those are tags I use a Del.icio.us, but the other is pretty random.

30Gigs is a free online email application that gives you 30G of storage. They are “in the 2nd stage of our best test.”

Writely is an free online word processor which recently was bought by Google. It probably has the most mindshare in the space, but that assumes people want an online word processor.

Simpy is a social bookmarking service, that lets you save, tag, search and share bookmarks and notes.

Gtalkr let’s you access your Gtalk IM application from anywhere. I thought you could already do this. They need to put something on the main page that describes exactly what this application does.

Before Today I’d Heard of:

5 out of 10.

And the Winner of Round 16 is:

I’d pick Del.icio.us because I find it so useful, but you can’t factor in prospects for success to any degree and not pick Digg. So Digg it is.

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