My Favorite Records:Goose Creek Symphony – Established 1970

This is the another installment in my series of favorite records.

One of my favorite country rock bands of the early 70’s was Goose Creek Symphony. Although named for a place in Kentucky, the band was actually formed in Phoenix and played a San Francisco-influenced country rock sound.

Any of their first three records could have made my list, but I’m going to pick their first one.

Among the many great songs on Established 1970 are Charlie’s Tune, the first Goose Creek song I ever heard and still one of my favorites, a fantastic version of Satisfied Mind, Confusion, the excellent and Band-like Raid on Bush Creek and Talk About Goose Creek.

est1970All of these songs are fantastic. Their next two records, Words of Earnest and Welcome to Goose Creek, are also excellent.

In the trivia department, the fiddle player’s wife was the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding in College Grove, Tennessee in 1976. Small world.

Goose Creek and The Amazing Rhythm Aces, along with Area Code 615 and its offspring, Barefoot Jerry, were among my favorite bands of the early 70’s- and they still are today.

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