30 Seconds on: Scoble's Overwhelmed Post.

I have a lot of thoughts about Scoble’s overwhelmed post. Yet I buy a little of what Seth Godin said yesterday about restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity. I know brevity is not my strongest quality, so I need to engineer at least some into Newsome.Org.

So I’m going to start a new thing. 30 Seconds On. My quick take on something I read somewhere that moves me to respond.

30 Seconds on: Scoble’s Overwhelmed Post.

1) I agree that marketing done wrong (shotgunned emails in search of a shortcut that doesn’t exist) is clogging the blogosphere. Spam clogs the internet. Just ignore them both.

2) Part of Dave’s post is yet another blogotantrum because he can’t control whatever it is he wants to control. In other words, while he may have some valid points, to an extent he made his own bed.

3) No one made you the gatekeeper, Robert; you became one via your hard work, position, timing, etc. Would you really like it better if you were blogging away in obscurity? Let me answer for you- no. We wouldn’t like it either because we want you to converse with us, not just read.

4) I wish I’d heard that Jimmy Wales speech. Reading about it makes me dig Wikipedia even more.