Why I Will Stop Blogging About Dave Stopping Blogging

I can do it too folks. I haven’t already, in any sense, but I can.

Here are the reasons why I will:

1) It’s too hard trying to figure out what’s really bugging Dave. I’m not sure he even knows exactly. But reading a blog that purports to describe a problem shouldn’t be a puzzle-like experience. Puzzles just compound the problem.

2) Everything doesn’t have to be a line in the sand or olive branch. Can’t we just talk about stuff and if we don’t agree, so what?

3) I like being talked to, not at. Old school web sites were at. The blogosphere is at least to, if not with.

4) Mathew Ingram has already got it covered.

5) I don’t think Dave wants to be a part of the blogging culture. He says he does, but I don’t buy it. I think he’s the farmer and we’re the ants. I don’t mind being an ant as long as I don’t know I’m an ant.

6) He’s a friend of Doc Searls, so under the doctrine of respect transitivity I don’t want to be viewed as overly critical. A friend of someone I respect gets the benefit of the doubt in the real world, and so should it in the blogosphere.

7) I’m sort of paranoid too, so we’re not good for each other.

8) I don’t want to pile on, even if I sort of agree that a lot of us (and I include me in us) tend to take ourselves a bit too seriously, given that most people have never heard of us and most of the ones who have think we’re nerds. I realize that Dave is far more than just some blogger in the vast blogosphere, but, his accomplishments notwithstanding, he is, at least for now, a blogger in the vast blogosphere.

9) Maybe all the erie silence will bring Scoble back to Memeorandum. Reading RSS feeds and reading memetrackers don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

10) And of course, if he quits blogging, there won’t be anything new to try to decipher and write about.

I’ve said it here many times. I read Dave’s blog every day and I enjoy his directness. I’m not trying to pile on or be critical of him as a person in any way. I am talking about the act of walking away, not the person doing the walking.

The blogosphere is a big sandbox, not a classroom. When the teacher wanders onto the playground, the sandbox is still the sandbox. The only question is do you jump in and have fun or walk away shaking your head.