More on Second Life

Eric Rice has posted the first installment in his series about Second Life. I posted a little about it the other day.

second life avatar

Since then I have been back a couple of times and done a little more exploring. I haven’t tried to build anything yet, but I did make a little money (by dancing and then sitting in a chair by some slot machines). Of course I spent what I made and more on the slot machines, which was the idea.

I have only barely scratched the surface of the application, which is part game, part chat room and part virtual world. The first two don’t really interest me, but I am intrigued by the third. The more I look around Second Life, the more impressed I am.

One thing I want to do next time is explore Second Life’s music aspects. Fred Wilson found some good music stuff there.

And I still want to know if Second Life is related to that deal that AOL (or maybe it was Compuserve?) launched or almost did 10 or so years ago? See my other post for more details about that.