Web 2.0 Wars: Round 11

It’s time for Round 11 in Newsome.Org’s Web 2.0 Wars. The contestants and rules are here.

This is the final heat of the first Round. The playoffs will be next.

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Here are the contestants for Round 11:

Ta-da Lists

Streamload is a place to store, orgianize and share audio and video files. It also provides a way to backup files and access them from any internet connected computer.

Ta-da Lists is a place to make and share to-do lists. I hope my wife never finds out about this site. There’s a free version and a more powerful one that’s part of the Backpack service.

Feedsky shows up in gibberish on my computer. It looks like it uses a font I don’t have or something.

JellyBarn is a photo sharing service. It’s still in invitation only beta.

Native Text translates RSS feeds and podcasts into foreign languages. The main page says the translations are done by humans. It’s not yet open to the public, so no RanchoCast in Russian.

Congoo says it is a premium content search engine. It looks like it will index subscription content. Neat idea if the publishers will go for it.

Podzinger is a podcast directory with a twist. Podcasts are transcribed and searchable by word. The transcription is not perfect, but it’s good enough to be very useful. I’ve used Podzinger for a while and really like it.

RSS Mad is an RSS feed archive and an online feed reader. Looks sort of interesting, but no Newsome.Org in the database.

FeedTier says it generates web feeds for web pages without existing syndication. This is a great idea and I’d use it all the time if it worked. I couldn’t get it to work, but I will certainly go back and try again.

Phanfare is a photo and video storage and sharing site. It allows you to make online photo and video albums. $6.95 a month after the free trial.

Wikipedia is a free, collaborative online encyclopedia. I use it and link to it all the time at Newsome.Org.

Fruitcast is a podcast advertising network. This is the first one of those I have seen and, sadly, ads in podcasts are probably inevitable.

PubSub is a content matching service that instantly notifies you when new content is created that matches your subscription.

Before Today I’d Heard of:

5 out of 13.

And the Winner of Round 11 is:

A very hard draw, as there were number of good contestants. I really dig Podzinger, but you just can’t not pick Wikipedia

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